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So I’ve come to find out that not everyone actually knows about Dr. Seuss and his second wife for which the characters in the film ‘Ted’ and ‘Audrey’ are named. Or what they do know is just what’s on wikipedia so, here have some bigger info.

Ted Geisel (Dr. Seuss {Dr. Seuss is his pen name}] was married to a lovely woman he met at college in England named ‘Helen Palmer’. They were married for many many years and he loved her dearly and she loved him dearly. She supported his creativity and discouraged his former majors of being a Doctor of Philosophy and English literature. He found the classes murderously boring and drew during his classes. Helen saw this and thanks to her he took a great turn in his career to focus on his art. They married shortly after and traveled the world together when enough money was earned from Geisel’s advertisement work. Their world travels inspired much of his creative appeal.

After so MANY years they began to drift apart (to the point of sleeping in separate rooms). Helen’s health was also deteriorating. She was a bit older than him. She suffered a stroke but survived (or maybe it was Cancer, I forget what- sorry guys :’3). It soon came out that Ted was having an affair with their younger married friend, Audrey Stone Dimond. When Helen found out about this she was so distraught that she later committed suicide. 

Ted was so heartbroken over this, and was very unsure what to do at that point. Audrey stayed at his side and helped him past it all. They eventually married and stayed married till his death. 

Now everyone probably hates Audrey at first for coming between Ted and Helen. BUT WE STILL OBVIOUSLY DO NOT KNOW EVERY SIDE OF THE STORY. No one really does but Ted and Audrey. 

It was not a fling. Audrey loved Ted very very much. She was very young, like I said, and That’s really what Ted needed at that point. She helped him dress better than he did at his age, and she got him out of the house more and to socialize more with his fans (Ted was very shy around his fans). 

She encouraged him to keep writing after Helen’s death. The story she really helped motivate him to finish was The Lorax. Which is dedicated to her. It is her special book, and it still means very much to her. 

Audrey is the owner of all the rights to Ted’s works. You’ll see her name ‘Audrey Geisel’ on every Seuss movie out these days, usually listed as a producer. She allowed rights for his characters to be featured on merchandise (YOU’RE WELCOME SEUSSIANS), because of the profain ones created on the black market that circulated. 

They were a very sweet couple. I hate that their reputation is tarnished by how it came to be, but I suppose Que Sera Sera. Just remember that the affair involved 4 unhappy people, and, I believe, was NOT something done out of spite. 

The characters in the film are named Ted and Audrey after these two. It was a very sweet nod to the couple, especially since The Lorax is Audrey’s special book written to her from her husband. Ironically Ted is younger than Audrey in the film hah. But I am a proud shipper of the two because of the honor and respects that it really pays Mr. and Mrs. Geisel.

Ok there’s a little info. I’m sorry if you didn’t like the story but I don’t want people to go on with so little information they assume Audrey is a bad person. I also don’t want them to have so little info they lose respects for Ted. Good people make mistakes, and situations just happen. None of it is our business anyway. Don’t judge anyone here I guess is what I’m saying :) I’ll stop writing now, sorry^^’

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